The Tap it Out Podcast - Tapping and the Law of Attraction

Ep3: Tapping Out Limiting Beliefs About Money & Success - a Session w/ Andrea

August 14, 2018

In this episode, Mark performs a full FasterEFT Session with Andrea. Andrea wanted to work on fears about money, success and career.

Growing up, Andrea had a parent who would say limiting things to her about money: "Money doesn't grow on trees" and "You should be smarter", for example. hearing this effected Andrea in two ways: One, she would repeat similar "programs" to herself with her negative self-talk. And two, she would attract a relationship with a person who would say similar things to her.

As we tapped on these experiences, you can hear the amazing way Andrea's subconscious mind began to automatically switch these negative programs into positive ones.

Andrea ended the session feeling confident and empowered about money and her future. As you listen, tap along and work on your own negative money programs! 

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